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      The Chef

Diane and I afore the wind.

Self-portrait 1975

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While a student an San Francisco State, I majored in Fine Art and Art History as well as taking the required General Studies courses. Photo Realism was the style of the period and my works reflected this trend.

bachelor of Arts          San Francisco state University



                  Dad and Daughter

In this 2-year program I continued both Painting and Art History. I had my Master's show in 1975. I returned to Ohio University in 1977 as a doctoral candidate in Comparative Arts. After 2 years in the program a withdrew for personal reasons.

Master of Arts               Ohio University

         Basque Fiddler?.


  My Interests include: cooking, music. sailing, kayaking, and my family.  

In 2002 I prepared for public school teaching and earned a Master of Science degree in English/Education. I focused on Creative Writing and Essay Writing, both of which I taught at several high schools along with the standard curriculum. I incorporated a scriptwriting unit in my advanced senior high school classes.

                  My granddaughter, Eva.

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